1.Who is eligible for JEE Main 2018?

Ans.  For JEE(Main)-2018, Only those candidates who have passed their Class 12th Exam or any equivalent qualifying examination in 2016 or 2017; or those who are appearing in their Class 12th Exam or any equivalent qualifying examination in 2018 are eligible to appear in JEE(Main)- 2018. Candidates who passed Class 12th/Qualifying examination in 2015 or before as well as those who will appear in such examination in 2019 or later are not eligible to appear in JEE (Main) – 2018. Candidates who appeared in class 12th/equivalent qualifying Examinations in 2015, did not pass in 2015, but passed in 2016 are also not eligible to appear in JEE (Main) 2018

2.What is Eligibility for Diploma Students in JEE-Main 2018?

Ans. Yes, to appear in JEE (Advanced) a diploma holder can apply in JEE (Main) but his/her rank and score for JEE (Main) will not be declared as diploma holders cannot apply for admission in NITs and CFTIs through JEE (Main) channel.

2. Where should I study abroad?

Ans: Only you can answer this question. However, we have some excellent resources to help you make the best decision. Take our “Where should i study Abroad” quiz or read our country guide for an in-depth look at studying in specific countries.

3.  Am I eligible for admission?

Ans: Every Colleges  and program has different admission requirements for accepting students. These requirements can often be found on the program profiles. If you’d like more information or if the information is missing, submit a “Request Information” form to contact the institute directly.

4. Am I eligible for any scholarships?

Ans: The easiest way to find out if you are eligible for scholarships is to contact the institute directly through the “Request Information” form. You can also take a look at our scholarships section which has some general information about scholarships for international students.